4 Ways an External Recruitment Company Will Complement Your Internal Hiring TeamPosted over 2 years ago by Nick Boulton

Are recruitment agencies on the decline, or are businesses even more reliant on them than ever? Client Server Director Nick Boulton provides 4 reasons why external recruitment companies will empower your internal hiring team.

There have always been loud voices opposing the legitimacy of recruitment agencies. The list of companies wondering if it is still worth working with external partners to recruit candidates is growing. They think external recruitment is too expensive, not efficient, and do not understand the staffing needs of their clients.

Now more than ever, quality recruitment agencies are proving their worth—IT recruitment agencies even more so. But you need to keep up with the times to stay ahead. Through historical events, social changes, economic impacts, and technological breakthroughs, recruitment companies have evolved dramatically in how they work. The speed at which job searching has evolved is astounding. Pre-CV times, recruitment is carried out within families, friends, and word-of-mouth networks. The meteoric rise of the internet has had the most dramatic impact on recruitment, transforming the way we search and recruit for jobs. Today, social media is the latest, most significant tool used within the recruitment industry.

The working environment is now very much a progressive one and is always changing, one that we all need to keep pace with. The average nine-to-five jobs are a thing of the past. With the introduction of so many technological advances, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and automation, people can expect more changes in the way they carry out their day-to-day jobs.

Recruitment is a global market in constant growth for decades. Currently, it accounts for roughly £497 billion globally and circa £40 billion in the UK, with no signs of decline.

Internal teams are growing every day, and it may not be cheaper or more effective, but it gives companies the false sense of security that their recruitment needs are in safe hands and in control of the process. There is a real belief that as companies learn ways to find and attract their candidates, the need to pay consistent recruitment fees might fade away. The argument is appealing to many businesses and does carry weight, but all figures say otherwise. Why else do companies still work with recruitment agencies to hire their workforce? Here are 4 reasons why external recruitment companies will empower your internal hiring team:

  1. An undersized recruitment team: even if you have an outstanding internal recruiter within your company, you cannot reasonably ask them to recruit 20 qualified and specialised candidates each month. Recruitment takes time, money, and resources. Partnering with a targeted recruitment agency accelerates your hires and complements your internal team.
  2. An existing pool of candidates: the core business of recruitment agencies is to build and nurture a pool of talent that is available. It saves months of search to use their existing networks, and if you need to hire fast, that’s the only viable solution.
  3. Flexible solutions: This is the beauty of working with an external partner. You can dial up and down their involvement at a moment’s notice to support your growth. Market intel, salary surveys, and dedicated consultants are what you should expect.
  4. A talent shortage: The “shortage” of talent grows every year. Sourcing, interviewing, and hiring the best people will only become a bigger priority for businesses. Finding the best people to advance products, come up with MVP’s, and stay ahead of your competitors is vital.

With an ever-evolving digital world, recruitment agencies need to be intuitive and proactive with their thoughts and working practises. Just offering contingent solutions are not enough in today’s competitive world. The best in class now offers a more consultative route, forming ever closer relationships with clients and candidates alike.