The Big Q: Should I tell the company I’m interviewing for that I have another offer?Posted over 2 years ago by Client Server

Q : I’m a new grad and I’ve just had a job offer from a tech start-up. They’re in a great position and have just received Seed B funding, so I definitely see the potential. But the truth is, they’re probably my second choice. I’m at the final stage of interviewing for a more established company for my #1 preference.

Should I mention the job offer to my preferred company or just keep it quiet?

A : When it comes to the job hunt – particularly in this market – it’s always best to be upfront. Hearing that a candidate has another offer is nothing a hiring manager hasn’t heard before. In fact, they probably expect any candidate to be interviewing for at least one or two other roles when they speak to them. Not only is it best to be honest, it gives your preferred company a time scale to work with if they choose to make an offer.

If you’re working with a Client Server consultant, they will ask you about how many roles you’re “in process” for, so they know what stage of interviewing you’re at. They will be in touch with the hiring manager and will implore them to make as swift a decision as possible. With the rate talent is moving right now, companies can’t afford to let talented developers slip through their fingers because they didn’t make an offer fast enough. You’re always on solid ground if you’re honest.