Why Client Server is hiring MORE traineesPosted over 2 years ago by Nick Boulton

Talk of a “Great Resignation” may be overstated, but the ‘war’ for talent certainly isn’t. The recruitment industry is on the frontlines, with agencies making tantalising offers to experienced consultants to entice them on board.

But I can’t help but think the focus on experience is blindsiding agencies to the swathe of quality trainees and graduates on the market.

It’s a trend we at Client Server knew we had to jump on and we’ve reaped the rewards already. We’ve already brought in two trainee cohorts this year with our third starting in two weeks.

As a business, we lost sight of the benefits of bringing onboard people early in their careers. But as we welcomed everyone back to our offices, our thoughts pivoted towards the future. Most of our best people started as trainees, so we wanted to offer an opportunity to those hungry to succeed.

While others wrestled over experienced hires, why not steal a march on your competitors and take your pick of the inexperienced talent?

There are four big reasons why we’ve put our faith in untested talent.

  • They are natural technologists

Businesses are using technology to reach customers, clients, and candidates. Our senior management realise there is untapped potential in social media and tools like WhatsApp, but they may not know the most effective way to use them.

As part of a generation who grew up with all things tech, our trainees have an intuitive grasp on how to get the best out of it. It might not be something you list on a CV, but it’s a serious workplace asset.

  • They are flexible

The stereotype says that the younger generation is more entitled and demanding of employers, but they’re also more amenable and eager to do things better.

Flexibility means they will both be able to apply themselves fearlessly to new situations, and also do so more ably than dyed-in-the-wools employees, who are so set in their ways.

This is not a guaranteed route to success and importantly, be prepared for failure. There’s a certain amount of risk that comes with hiring trainees but that is counterbalanced with potential.

  • They love change

It’s a no-brainer how important adaptability is for recruitment businesses. It often feels like businesses are playing a perennial game of catch-up with technology, so having employees who embrace change is critical for success.

Inexperienced employees who are open to new ideas are generally productive in varied types of environments and don’t become as disoriented or feel betrayed when frameworks, assignments, and perks are altered to meet business needs.

  • It’s about shaping our team for the future

What I find most exciting is the prospect that trainees provide a blank canvas for us. We can train them and integrate them fully in the job role and company culture. There’s the possibility of things not working out, and any company should evaluate whether it’s in a position to take on such risk: but if it pays, the dividends can be great and we are having a huge amount of success with it.

Most hiring managers want people with experience, they don’t want to have to ‘hold the hand’ of newbies. But what we’ve seen at Client Server is the exact opposite. Our trainee cohorts have shown demonstrable hunger and eagerness to learn and grow. They are bright, eager, and disciplined – so, why wouldn’t we want to back them to the hilt? After all, the future starts with them.