Avoid Complacency: The Importance on Upskilling in This Demanding MarketPosted over 2 years ago by Nick Boulton

This job market is not slowing down anytime soon, so what are ways to upskill yourself as a recruiter? Client Server Director Nick Boulton gives 4 resources to add to your arsenal.

Even with recent arrival of another Covid variant, Omicron, 2022 looks to provide more opportunities, challenges, and skills shortages to be filled. Because digital and technological revolutions seem to be increasing, the job market remains as competitive as ever.

Recruiting is no longer about finding people with specific tech skills but with the right interpersonal skills. This is why it's important to upskill your recruitment team. It will help with staff retention, attracting new talent, and maintaining business continuity. Although it can be difficult to implement due to time and budget constraints, the benefits are plentiful.

Clients and candidates expect more from their recruitment companies. Recruiters must eliminate the mindset that their job is about sourcing talent and matching them with roles. This means they need to build closer relationships with their clients and candidates and develop an in-depth knowledge of their hiring needs, technology verticals, and industry competitors.

For this reason, we at Client Server have rigorous and in-depth training programmes that aim to improve the skills of our staff.

In our trainee scheme, we take our cohorts through a six-week intensive training programme, equipping them with the skills they will need to be an effective consultant in today’s market.

To empower our employees and increase productivity and efficiency, we have revamped and improved all our training modules and methods over the last few months to incorporate them in 2022.

Client Server now offers over 27 additional individual training modules throughout the year, from junior consultants to senior managers. We also work with third parties to help our management team think outside the box, which we missed during lockdowns.

Temptation in a market like this is to focus on delivery. There is plenty of weight in that argument, but there is no time like the present. Why not invest in making your people better today?

The recruitment sector is growing and evolving as businesses thrive, and talent shortages show no sign of dissipating. To remain relevant and ahead of the game, recruiters must adapt, use their existing skills, and focus on improving their technology skills to separate them from the general chaff. Here are some ways to keep upskilling as a tech recruiter:

  • Read the business section of the Times. The technology sector in particular. (Other newspapers are available)
  • Investigate your clients and find out who their competitors are and who uses similar technologies.
  • Constantly take your placements out for a beer, coffee, doughnut, whatever it might be, and ask them to explain their technology specialism in laymen’s terms. They are the experts, and once you get them going, they love talking about tech.
  • Follow technology news sites like www.uktech.news. They give up-to-date information on the latest investments, funding rounds, start-ups, and exciting new product releases.
  • Thinking about doing better isn’t the same as actually doing it. There’s no disputing it – training makes better recruiters. Even if it allows you to just be 5% better at your job than before, it’s enough to make good recruiters into great or even excellent recruiters. But you’ve got to be the one who shows up.

Companies want to ensure they choose the right talent to fit into their company culture. But to do this constantly goes well beyond matching skills. And that comes from consultants who are upskilling themselves to provide help with that dynamic.