Client Server Story: Callum Marsland describes his journey to find his career motivationPosted over 2 years ago by Client Server

Client Server Success story. Callum Marsland, one of our recent trainees, explains why he chose recruitment, and his experience at Client Server so far.

What were you doing before Client Server?

I was at university, and graduated in 2020. I was doing product design, but I lost the spark for it. I loved it before, but doing it at university I was thinking, "I don't see it as a viable option for myself, in terms of passion for a career." So, I then decided to stay in Southampton, which is where I was at in university, and I worked a year in customer service at a call centre. I realised I liked working with people, but, in my next role, I wanted to be doing something where I'm not on the butt-end of complaints.

What drew you to Client Server?

Surprisingly, money wasn't the biggest motivator for me. It was more about career motivation. I wanted the opportunity to progress which wasn’t what I was going to get in my previous job. I was talking with a lot of 360 recruiters to begin with and it seemed a bit daunting taking care of everything yourself. Once I started the interview process at Client Server, having a chat with different team leads, I felt I got on with them really well. Oftentimes in other interviews, you can kind of feel like you're getting grilled. But here, I felt the chat flowed fluidly. So, I thought, "Okay, these lot are clearly decent people.” Another selling point for me was that there is a really big emphasis on training at Client Server that I didn't see so much elsewhere.

You’ve been here a little while now, so how are things going? Has it lived up to your expectations?

Yeah, 100%. I can't say I've ever looked back. Even speaking to people here that have worked recruitment jobs previously, they would say, "This is the place to be." There are a lot of good recruitment companies out there, but not having been in one before, I feel like I couldn't have chosen a better one.

You've recently been promoted too. That's a great recognition, how's that been?

Yeah, really, really chuffed with that. What I liked about the career progression was that it was all laid out quite clearly from day one what you need to do to achieve it. So, once the first deal came through, I thought, "Okay, this is how it works. Now, how do I get the second?" And then it went from there.

When it comes to talking to developers and their passionate subject matter, how have you found dealing with that particular area?

Tech’s something I've always been interested in. I find, generally, they're super interesting people. I've learnt so much about tech that otherwise I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so. I also try to keep myself clued-up outside of work. But getting the opportunity to speak to developers, I find them very happy to explain what they're doing. And, you can distinguish the good ones, because they love talking about it. And, as a recruiter, they will understand that you are not in that world that they're in, but if they can be happy to explain it, that's something that I always appreciate.

Think about your overall goals and ambitions for being here, what comes to mind? Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

The longer-term goal would be getting into a little bit of account management. It seems like something I'd quite enjoy. Speaking to candidates is great, but speaking to hiring managers of client’s that we work with, will help expand my skills on that side.