What UK tech businesses should be focusing on in 2022Posted over 2 years ago by Nick Boulton

It’s common knowledge that the New Year is the recruitment industry’s busy time, and Client Server is no different.

Hard on the heels of our busiest year, 2022 is shaping to be huge as well. Here are some things the tech sector should be thinking about for 2022.

Talent retention

The talent shortage is likely to persist this year.

Fuelled by multiple lockdowns and businesses that have failed to engage or care for their employees, we saw record numbers of applicants over the Christmas period.

Companies need to pay attention to their employees’ needs and ensure they feel valued. Opportunities for advancement and training need to be offered in an ever-changing technology environment. Acquiring new skills and training will keep employees engaged and loyal.


Irrelevant of what industry or sector you work in, technology and specifically digital implementation is on the rise.

Due to the pandemic, technology is now at the heart of every business.

Companies need to act now and upskill their staff by providing technical training and on-the-job tutoring to fill the skills shortage gap.

The generational gulf between the technologically fluent Millennials and the Baby Boomers is huge, but there is the opportunity to retrain an already available loyal staff base.

The biggest shift was moving operations to the cloud and the huge demand for technical talent this brought. What became apparent quickly was that there wasn’t enough highly skilled technologist to go around, exacerbated by Brexit and the lack of Europeans who wanted to return to these shores.

It’s a topic that has been high on the agenda at Client Server. As talent requirements change, jobseekers are looking for simple and effective application processes. In order to best represent the needs of some of the best tech companies in the country, we need to ensure we ‘walk the walk’ too.

Candidate-Driven Market

People's priorities have changed in the past two years. The best talent is in such high demand that they can effectively name their price, and they’re not under any pressure to accept the first job offer.

In this candidate-driven market, the power lies with the applicants, and companies have to do more than dangle a financial carrot to attract the best people. Technical challenge, remote work, flexible benefits, and investment in training will affect their job choice.

This trend is likely to continue this year, and I foresee it being a major issue for growing businesses in the years ahead. Client Server is keeping record of these shifts and can advise you on everything from salary trends to talent movement.

Employer Brand

People want more than just a job. Being paid market rates and offered the traditional benefits are a given, but now people want more. They want to join a business that stands for something, a company that does more than just give a nod to diversity & inclusion, environmental issues, or mental health concerns.

Having a top-class Marketing department on point with your brand message will be crucial to attracting the best people. Whether its employer networks, internal referral schemes, or social media engagement, the employer brand will be key in attracting the best talent. At Client Server, we work closely with all our clients to ensure their employer brand is an accurate reflection of who they are.

In my view, 2022 represents a year of consistent momentum and opportunity. Job seekers need to be adaptable and open to learning. With the continued digitisation of the workforce and influences from technologies like AI, blockchain, automation, and cyber security, employers must upskill and train existing staff. The next 6-12 months will be vital for any business wanting to make strides this year.