Women in Tech: Cassini Lead Integration Engineer Yumei Chua's journey into techPosted over 2 years ago by Client Server

Cassini Systems Lead Integration Engineer Yumei Chua talks about her journey into a career in tech and what a day working for Cassini looks like.

Client Server : Where did your interest in tech come from?

Yumei Chua : I’m someone who has a very broad range of interests competing for attention, which was always a struggle for me. As a teenager, I used to blog and met quite a few people online who were either working in software engineering or doing a PhD, which I found very interesting since it is applicable in many industries and that was quite an uncommon path to pursue among my peers back then.

Client Server : Did you study computer science?

Yumei Chua : Yes I did. When I was at uni, I participated in an online competition to build a timetabling software, and I won it. So I ended up working for the competition organiser to help build the software. But eventually, I didn’t finish it because I got offered at job with Cassini.

Client Server : Do you remember what you built that competition-winning software in?

Yumei Chua :  It's actually in Java, and I actually created the whole thing from scratch with Java.

Client Server : And your first job was with Cassini. How many years ago was that?

Yumei Chua : That was back in 2015, when I just got fresh out of uni. I’ve learnt a lot from working in Cassini, and now I’m Lead Integration Engineer at Cassini.

Client Server : What does a day as Lead Integration Engineer look like?

Yumei Chua : I work with our product team to design new features for partnership integration where the product team provides business case input while I provide technical input. I also build customized deployable for on-premise clients, which is often challenging because of the need to maintain a balance between meeting specific deployment requirements from client and keeping the build generic enough in our software build pipeline.

Client Server : How would you describe the culture of working at Cassini?

Yumei Chua : We’re always ready to help each other. We function with very agile practices, especially with a lot of uncertainties with work and projects. Because of the way Cassini work, we can turn things around very quickly when there are sudden problems.

Client Server : What would you say to someone who was considering working at Cassini?

Yumei Chua : At Cassini, you’ll find a lot of very bright-minded people, and we’re a very diverse and inclusive organisation. You don’t have to worry about handling a project on your own on your first week – we always help each other out.