The Big Q: How long can I take to accept a job offer?Posted about 2 years ago by Client Server

Q : As a Java dev on the hunt for a new job, I’ve been lucky enough to get through to the final stage of interviews for three roles.

I’ve got an order of preference, but not sure what to do if my third choice makes me an offer while I’m waiting for my first.

If that were to happen, how long can I hold out before answering?

A : How long is a piece of string? For example, some roles need to be filled urgently, so waiting days for a candidate to respond might not be viable for some.

But companies are willing to give a candidate a reasonable amount of time to consider an offer.

Based on what we see every day at Client Server, three to five days is the longest most companies will be prepared to wait. Hiring managers will factor things like this into their plans (and other delays, like notice periods, background checks, etc.)

The most important thing to remember, especially when working with a recruitment consultancy, is to be honest about your preference and keep everyone in the loop.

If you’re lucky enough to get three offers, it’s only natural to weigh them up and take your time to choose, but don’t assume you’ve got unlimited time because you don’t.

Be honest, keep everyone in the loop, and don’t let things linger longer than you need to.