A tribute to Client Server's BD teamPosted almost 2 years ago by Nick Boulton

It has been one of the most turbulent markets over the last 24+ months, and it looks like it will start to tighten over the next 6-12 months. So, I thought I'd highlight one of the cogs in our Client Server wheel that is vital to our growth and success but doesn't always get the credit it deserves.  

Our Business Development Team tends to be the first people blamed when there is a shortage of jobs and the last to get recognition when a nice juicy client lands with multiple vacancies.  

They have the least-glamorous job. They have to break down the door by making the initial introduction and allowing the rest of our business to showcase their quality of service.  

BD is a client's first impression of us. For someone like me who believes in first impressions, they are an essential first building block on the road to creating a robust and successful working relationship. They offer a 'shop window' into what Client Server is about.  

Hiring managers, HR, internal recruitment, and business owners who receive hundreds of 'new business' calls a day makes their job incredibly hard. They are generally tired of hearing the same sales patter and lines about why they are so different from every other recruitment business. Standing out from the crowd is extremely important. It also requires a skin thicker than a Rhino, as rejection is the name of the game and being told "No" is commonplace.  

But our business development team have built up an incredible set of skills over 36+ years of experience, winkling out information from even the most difficult of gatekeepers. Then there is the not-so-small matter of endearing yourself to the hiring managers, gaining their trust and proving that we will make their lives easier - not to mention finding out their hiring needs, pains, plans and wish lists of hires. 

To add to their 'wows', once they have done all the hard work of persuading a client to work with us, they must hand over their hard-earned opportunity to an eagerly awaiting Account Manager to deliver on their promises, and the Client Server recruitment lifecycle begins again. 

If it sounds a tough gig, it is. Still, the fact that two of them represent some of our longest-serving staff at Client Server is not only testament to what a great job they do, but also what a great job the rest of the business does to live up to client and candidate's expectations. 

They have secured some of our biggest clients over the years, many of which we still work with and are now house accounts that continue to produce significant revenues. They do an outstanding job and deserve all our appreciation and recognition. 

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