Dear CEOs: Let's ramp up the positivityPosted almost 2 years ago by Nick Boulton

Positivity and well-being are not the only keys to success, but they go a long way.

Like every good political victory or tragedy, the ultimate winners are those who win the middle ground. 

As my learned colleague Nick Caley pointed out in his blog earlier this week,  Kamikwaze Trussonomics has missed the mark! The spectacularly embarrassing U-Turn they have just performed is a perfect case of not focusing on what’s important.

But to be fair to poor old Liz and Kwasi, it’s hard to focus on what is important, especially with all the media rhetoric. Every day, the news is filled with stories about war, terrorism, crime, inequality, drug abuse and oppression. And it’s not just the headlines; it’s the long-form stories too. 

Any media platform you turn to warns us of the impending doom; soaring living costs, rising inflation, food shortages, financial deficits, plagues, epidemics, the list goes on.

But is it just me, or do the media peddle what will frighten us most, making us panic and become even more reliant on what they say next? 

I know it might sound slightly left field, but I’m beginning to side with one Donald J Trump and his belief around everything “Fake News”. 

I find myself shouting, “Make Britain Great again.”

The press has toppled many a government, sports star or A list celeb. What side you fall on will depend on how they treat you - a darling one day, a villain the next. 

I do feel in this day and age, where every possible media platform, social or otherwise, is trying to attract users, the more controversial or shocking you can be, the more followers you will attract.

Just look at the hordes of “influencers” who have made full-time jobs of it. 

Are we becoming a species that is less capable of thinking for ourselves?

Sadly, what makes this landslide of negativity worse is ‘good’ things aren’t built in a day. They take time and are invariably out of sync with news cycles or what might be deemed populist at the time. 

So how do you continue to grow, thrive, and build a culture of positivity, success, and self-fulfilment when it seems the entire world is touting doom and gloom?

CEOs, business owners and senior management need to start thinking outside the box and drag themselves out of their “comfort zones” to create environments where they, their companies, and their staff can still thrive in a world dominated by negativity.

A positive work atmosphere is contagious. When employees are happy to come to work, it inspires others to think positively and feel like an appreciated team member doing meaningful work. Especially now, when so many employees are balancing work-life challenges, leaders play a vital role in fostering a positive culture where employees can thrive and become sources of support and inspiration to each other. Add a dash of positivity to your sales floor cauldron, and employees are happier, more engaged, motivated, get more done and ultimately generate more revenues.

There is no short-term fix to this but rather a constant and underlying current of trying to build a culture of positivity. This needs to come with actions too; workplaces are not health spas, you need results, and when markets are tough you need people who know how to graft.

But if your business can tangibly demonstrate these four things, you will have all the ingredients for success.

  1. Positive organisational values
  2. Promote employee well-being
  3. Provide honest and open feedback
  4. All relationships matter

Genuinely caring for, being interested in, and maintaining responsibility for colleagues positively impacts individuals and businesses. In addition, providing support for one another, including being kind and compassionate when others are struggling, breeds loyalty and commitment, especially in more challenging times.

A positive workplace is more successful over time because it increases positive emotions and well-being. This in turn, improves the team members' relationship and amplifies their abilities and drive to be successful. This only starts at the top!