Why we're not shying away from the big MHPosted over 1 year ago by Amy Taylor

I find that when mental health is thrown into a conversation, a lot of people’s minds jump to a diagnosed condition that they don’t relate to, or perhaps they avoid the topic altogether. 

Mental health is still a taboo subject for some, and one of the main ways we can change this is by better understanding what mental health means. 

Yes, mental health could be a diagnosed condition severely impairing someone’s life, but it could also just be about having a crap day (or a great one). 

The point is that mental health and wellbeing is something we all have; a complex and confusing continuum that is experienced differently by everyone - and that’s okay! 

Recruitment is a rollercoaster of emotions, and it is not without its downfalls: high-pressure environments, monthly and quarterly targets, low pipelines, dropouts, and so on. I’m not a recruiter, so I can’t say from personal experience, but I can imagine how challenging and emotional this job must sometimes be. It makes me sad to think that some people struggle in silence, unable to reach out. 

During my time at Client Server, I’ve experienced some of the many ‘fun’ highs and lows of life we all go through. There’s been a lot of change and some difficult times, but I feel lucky to be part of a supportive team I know I can turn to alongside having good self-awareness of my feelings. I know how to perk myself up if I’m having a low day (cue gym, PJs and pizza), but sadly, this isn’t the case for everyone and how one low day can easily drag into several days, weeks, or even months.

Fortunately, we have a fantastic team of friendly and approachable people at Client Server who I know I could go to if something was up. I know it’s easier said than done but talking to someone about your mental health shouldn’t be something you shy away from or feel embarrassed about at work. We all want the best for our colleagues and bottling up your emotions, putting up a front, or fighting through difficult emotions yourself isn’t the way forward. Instead, speak to your manager, colleagues, a mental health responder, or anyone you feel comfortable with. You never know; they may have gone through the same thing as you. 

This week, we’re celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day, and it got me thinking about how lucky I am to work for such an understanding, empathic, and caring company. We take mental health and employee wellbeing seriously. So it’s not just a box-ticking HR exercise or something we do to look good – we do care. I think that’s partly due to how open and genuine the team here is alongside the initiatives we now have in place to help support our employees. 

We aren’t perfect and by no means are we acting like we know everything, but we are taking steps in the right direction to hopefully make our team feel more comfortable talking about how they feel and reaching out to someone if needed. 

Here's how we’re supporting wellbeing at work: 

Mental Health Committee 

We’re proud to have our very own Mental Health Committee, which comprises various employees across different teams. We promote all things wellness across the company and have recently become certified ‘Workplace Mental Health Responders’ to help spot the signs that someone may not feel great. We’re always looking into ways of improving wellbeing and recently held a wellness day for our team to enjoy massages and yoga!

A welcoming and inclusive work environment

Both our offices are incredibly friendly and welcoming and have plenty of spaces for employees to take a break if needed or to have one-on-one chats. In addition, we have breakout areas, a pool table, a fully stocked kitchen, and a friendly team who are always up for a chat. 

Clear communication and progression 

Client Server knows how important it is that everyone understands their role, feels that they have a purpose and can progress within the company. Therefore, they ensure that everyone has regular catch ups and performance reviews to allow them to voice their thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

Good work-life balance 

Our hybrid working model has been so impactful on wellbeing. It’s made dealing with tasks outside of work so much easier, whether small or big - I can get my washing and gym sessions done over my lunch break! 

There’s much more to learn and more we can do to improve workplace wellbeing, but I’m incredibly proud to be part of a company that genuinely cares about mental health. Hopefully, we can continue to foster an environment of openness where the topic of mental health won’t be seen as daunting, and people feel comfortable speaking up.