CS Success: Client Server RegionalPosted over 1 year ago by Client Server

Adam Sutton heads up our Client Server Regional team, which focuses on clients outside of the M25. His career path has seen him go from Trainee Consultant to Head of CSR.


What’s special about the Client Server Regional team?

We’re one of the youngest teams at Client Server (5 years since launching) and are already its biggest (16 consultants currently). That growth hasn’t only been exciting to be part of but also serves as a reminder to the team about where we can take things. The team is a nice mix of Senior Consultants who’ve been in the business for 8+ years and Junior Consultants who were completely green to recruitment. There’s a balance and everyone is in it together – we don’t have egos here. Whilst we’re now the company’s biggest revenue generator, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the nationwide tech market and have plans to expand our recruitment into more and more of the UK’s cities.


What has the experience been like hiring Trainee Recruitment Consultants?

We’ve had a lot of success hiring Trainees. We’re fortunate to have a number of Senior Consultants in the team who’re happy to help so there’s always someone on hand. Our office is a tight-knit environment, making it a great opportunity to pick up skills from others and also to ask lots of questions. I started at Client Server as a Trainee, so it’s important to me that people are given the same opportunities, patience, and guidance that I was.  


How has CSR seen success with internal recruitment so far?

We’ve grown from 0 to 16 in 5 years so we’re generally really pleased with how we’ve recruited and retained Consultants. We pride ourselves on having a trusting, open and supportive environment; I think that’s key in nurturing Trainees and Junior Consultants and also means they’re more likely to stick around. We’re now at a point where we’ve divided the team into four technology specific teams to facilitate further growth and opportunity, so we’re hoping to see that recruitment success accelerate further as we scale.


Why should someone join the team?

Whilst we’re a large team now, we feel we’re only at the beginning of our journey. We have exciting growth plans and vital to that growth is hiring talented, ambitious people who want to be successful and forge careers. You’ll join a team full of technology recruitment experience and people who are genuinely invested in your development and success. Most importantly, we have a weekly baking rota and multiple office dogs!