A job market flooded with candidatesPosted about 1 year ago by Adam Juckes

The market is flooded with candidates - I’m confident I can save money on recruitment fees and source directly, right? Maybe you can, but before you do, consider this.

On the day that the financial world prepares itself for the fallout of the Credit Suisse/UBS situation, only days after Amazon announced another 9,000 job cuts, weeks after the initial redundancies made by ‘tech giants’ including Twitter, Meta and Amazon and as multiple VCs consider pulling money from start-up ventures, we are most definitely operating in a market with an abundance of candidates.

What does this mean for recruitment consultancies such as Client Server? Has this made our appeal in the market wane, or even drop off a cliff?

I can proudly say that I have worked in the tech recruitment market for 14 years, and the entirety of that time for Client Server. I started from the very bottom, and am now in a position of responsibility, managing 2 growing functions as well as some key accounts. I would like to think that I know enough about the ‘ins and outs’, ‘ups and downs’ of recruitment from first-hand experiences, to comment on where the current economic situation leaves us. My role now means more than pure delivery, account management, or even people management – it’s about strategy, growth, revenue and ultimately P&L.

Our value add goes way beyond sourcing candidates and filling roles, it’s about partnerships and building relationships with clients that enable them to grow. Sharing market intelligence, talking about growth and strategy, and ultimately sharing the responsibility for making those things happen.

That’s rare in recruitment, right? You’re damn right it is! That’s why I am so proud to work where I do. At Client Server, we operate in a meritocratic, autonomous environment and as a collective, have been instrumental in continuously delivering on these principles, despite growing ten-fold since I joined the business in 2009.

So, back to my original question – where does this leave us?

Direct sourcing may well seem cheaper - but what it costs is time and lots of it. And ultimately, we all know, time is money!

As attractive as hundreds of applicants for every live vacancy might sound, take it from someone who knows how time-consuming interviewing hundreds of candidates can be… it may be money saved, but it’s definitely time lost. Give that responsibility to a consultancy that you can trust, that can deliver efficiently and effectively, that you can partner with and can ultimately save you hours of valuable and costly time – then, as you complete that next project on budget and ahead of time, that recruitment fee may look like money well spent!

For more details on how we work, and what we can offer or just for a chat about the above over a coffee, feel free to drop me a line!