The Value of Long-Term RelationshipsPosted 11 months ago by Client Server

Be it a consultant advising a candidate as they prepare them to hand in their resignation, a manager advising a consultant on a contact they have just made, or an account manager dealing with a tricky client, the advice remains the same; “be professional and don’t burn any bridges, you never know where that person may end up”.

I often look back at the advice along those lines that was handed down to me in the early days of my career and see it coming to bear fruit today, after 11 years with Client Server, and on the other side of the world to where my recruitment adventure started. 

The most recent example of this was with one of our latest placements. We recently started working with a very exciting Start-Up that is set to start putting its foot on the accelerator when it comes to hiring. Our relationship with them is through their CTO, who we worked with as a candidate a few years ago. We got him a very tempting offer at the time, but he decided to pursue a different opportunity, though we have always kept in touch. 

Our relationship with the candidate goes back even further! As a candidate, we first interacted with them in 2008! And while we have had them interviewing with a few of our clients across London and Sydney on several of their job searches, we had not secured them a role until now, 15 years since our first interaction with them! 

As far as long-term business relationships go, I am pretty happy with that one! And as I look at our client list here in Australia, quite a few of the best ones have sprouted from relationships the business has built up over the years across continents. 

Client Server has long stood by the idea that we would rather build long-term relationships with candidates and clients alike, rather than the odd quick win here or there. The fact we have a lot of our business leaders who have also spent many years with the company is reflective of this, and it is somewhere I am proud to say I work. 

If you would like to join us on our adventures moving forward, be it as a Client, a Candidate, or a Recruiter, please do reach out! 

Rupert Turner | Principal Consultant, Client Server Australia