The Big Q: Does it all stop at the holidays?Posted over 1 year ago by Client Server


“It’s December and I’m ready for a change, is it too late to secure a new job this year?”



It’s true, Christmas and New Year tend to be less busy for the recruitment industry as people opt to spend time with family and friends (and eat far too much food speaking from experience!). But don’t get us wrong, we definitely don’t discount December!

For some companies, this time of year means a decline in recruitment, leaving interviewing and hiring to be taken up in the new year. Those that don’t tend to get a head start on their competition.

At Client Server, we’ve seen an increased number of roles, especially in the Java space, which presents exciting opportunities to kick-start those resolutions early.

The way we look at it is… the holidays are a great time for candidates, clients, and recruiters. Starting your job hunt before the ‘new year, new me’ brigade will mean you’re able to start the year off strong in a new job, or worst case at the top of the interviews to organise list.

With video interviewing, hiring managers continue to be more available; there’s less competition, and there’s an increase in the usage of social platforms. Talk about an early Christmas present!

No matter the time of year, we’re actively looking to fill roles with candidates who are determined to secure their dream job.

Yes, the market may typically see a lull in December, but it also has the potential to be a month full of opportunity if you are willing to stay off the mince pies and port.

If you’re interested in mapping out your future plans, our recruitment consultants are always happy to help.