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Women in Tech

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Client Server is dedicated to building diverse technology teams globally. We see first-hand the benefits of hiring a diverse team and encourage our clients to have regular conversations around diversity to ensure their attitudes reflect our own. 

In 2023 we are proud to have placed 18% of total placements into technology roles. We are always striving to improve these figures year on year and will continue to do our part to shrink the diversity gap in tech.

Spreading awareness about the lack of females in technology is incredibly important to us and we regularly collaborate with clients and candidates to create and promote content on the topic.

Here's what some of our clients and candidates are saying:

Olga Ukhina: We helped Olga find her dream role as a Production Engineer at SoundCloud. Olga didn’t believe that she would be able to secure this role, but our consultant Nick supported her every step of the way through 4 rounds of interviews and reassured her during moments of uncertainty. Olga said: “It was unbelievable when they offered me the position in one of the core teams at SoundCloud. One might say I haven’t felt such happiness for a long time, and I still feel like it’s a fantasy!”

Jack Adkins: We spoke with Jack, an Internal Recruiter at 10x, a London Fintech. When we partnered with 10x they were in a period of immense growth and needed to scale to meet business and funding targets. Diversity was extremely important to them and in just over a year we placed 171 technologists with the business, improving the diversity of their tech hiring up to 53%. Jack said: “You have to have the mindset that you can always be better. The strategy that we have in the people team is we have different pillars of what we're trying to do. Rather than having a diversity pillar, diversity cascades through all of them. Everything we're doing, whether it's operations, HR, or talent, diversity has to be across all of them.” “Client Server does this really well by embedding into the ways in which a company works. Client Server knows 10x, has a good feel for our values and needles down into the specific needs of teams. They get the minor details that make all the difference.”

Callie Cromer: Callie, Account Director at Technojobs and Women in Tech joined us on an episode of Talking Tech, Client Server's podcast, to chat about how we can encourage more women to pursue careers in technology. View the full episode here.

Lana Brindley: Client Server Australia recently placed Lana as a Technical Writer at Trovio. She said, "Rupert was incredibly helpful and attentive throughout the interviews and offer. He showed genuine interest in my situation and guided me through the recruitment process with aplomb and alacrity."  Read more about her career in tech here.

Let's start the conversation! Talk to us today about how we can help you build a diverse tech team.